Learning Support Centres

Providing a wealth of resources available for you to borrow

(*some equipment may incur a small charge or a membership fee)

There are five Learning Support Centres across our sen.se schools. These are:

Critchill Learning Support Centre (based in Critchill School, Frome)

Elmwood Learning Support Centre (based in Elmwood School, Bridgwater)

Fairmead Learning Support Centre (based in Fairmead School, Yeovil)

Selworthy Learning Support Centre (based at Selworthy School, Taunton)

Street Learning Support Centre (based in Brookside Community School, Street)

There are a range of resources available across the centres and details are as follows:

Critchill School

Critchill Learning Support Centre

T: 01373 461837

E: lsc@critchill.co.uk

W: http://www.critchill.somerset.sch.uk/learning-support-center/

Established in 1988 and based at Critchill School, the Learning Support Centre has become fully integrated with the work of the school. The Learning Support Centre works with other schools, professional agencies, parents and the wider community. The Learning Support Centre is extensively stocked with a wide variety of resources to support the National Curriculum. It is used by our school staff, parents, carers and multi-agencies working with children with Special Educational Needs. However, our resources would enhance and enrich the provision for a wide range of children.

Please check our website for more information on resources available.

Opening Times (Term-Time Only:

Monday: 8:30am - 3:30pm

Tuesday: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Wednesday: 8:30am - 4pm

Thursday: 8:30am - 6pm

Friday: 8:30am - 12pm

Elmwood School

Elmwood Learning Support Centre

T: 01278 411211

E: jhumphries@educ.somerset.gov.uk

W: www.elmwood-school.org.uk/lsc

Elmwood Learning Support Centre is home to many educational resources available to borrow free of charge. We aim to provide resources that will support stimulating and engaging lessons. Intended for special educational needs in mainstream schools, they can enrich the provision for a wide range of pupils.

New and updated resources are added on a regular basis. Staff are available to advise and help when members are looking for something specific.

Opening Hours (Term-Time only):

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 9am - 5:00pm

Wednesday: 9am - Midday

Thursday: By appointment only

Friday: 10am - 2pm

Fairmead School

Fairmead Learning Support Centre

T: 01935 421295

E: eclarke1@educ.somerset.gov.uk

W: www.fairmeadschoolsomerset.co.uk

Visit Fairmead Learning Support Centre for:

  • Literacy, Numeracy and EAL Resources
  • Ideas for teaching National Curriculum subjects
  • Games, activities and information on Additional Learning Needs

Opening times (Term-Time only)

By appointment

Selworthy School

Selworthy Learning Support Centre

T: 01823 335935

E: selworthyLSC@educ.somerset.gov.uk

The LSC is available to anyone with an interest in additional needs.

We offer a welcoming environment where you can come for a coffee and a chat to look at resources and equipment we have on offer and to discuss your specific needs. We house a library of the latest professional publications and educational media as well as a range of books.

Some of the equipment available to loan:

  • Sensory Toys and Equipment
  • Huge variety of switches
  • Switch activated toys
  • IPADs/Wii/Nintendo DS
  • A wide selection of keyboards and mouse options
  • Communication aids - including Proxtalkers, MegaBee and recordable switches
  • Weighted items
  • A wide range of books and professional publications
  • EAL Resources

Opening Hours (term time only):

Monday: 9am - 1pm

Tuesday: 9am - 1pm

Wednesday: 9am - 5pm

Thursday: 9am - 5pm

Friday: Closed

Brookside Community Primary School

Street Learning Support Centre

T: 01458 443340 (Option 5)

E: streetlearningsupport@educ.somerset.gov.uk

W: www.streetlearningsupportcentre.com

We are a free lending library for all Somerset Schools, and anyone involved in the education of children and we have a wide range of resources to support many curriculum areas.

Our full range of lending resources is catalogued on the Libraries West website: http://www.librarieswest.org.uk or follow the link from our website

We have also developed our own range of Tip Top Resources

Affordable, high quality ready-made resources available to purchase.

Opening times (term time only):

Monday: 9am - 5pm

Tuesday: 9am - 6pm

Wednesday: 9am - 5pm

Thursday: by appointment

Friday: 9am - 1pm

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