Brookside Academy Outreach

Brookside Academy

Brookside Academy

Headteacher: Brian Walton

Address: Brookside CP School, Brooks Road, Street, BA16 0PR

T: 01458 443340


Brief description of school:

Brookside Academy is a large primary school giving all year provision for children aged 0 to 11yrs. It is unique in that it has 3 primary specialist provision classes within its mainstream setting, as well as a thriving Learning Support Centre on site which offers high quality resources (both published and developed by the LSC) and support to all educational practitioners.

Professional Development Opportunities for all staff

For SENCOs in, for example, Self Awareness, School Action Plus, De-escalation, IEPs, Managing behaviour, using Narrative Packs, Social Stories with children.

School to School Support

  • Sharing and modelling good practice
  • ICT support
  • Person Centred Reviews

Training Courses

  • Helping struggling learners/literacy
  • Making maths easy:- multisensory materials
  • Using 'Help Box' in your classroom
  • Making sense of P Scales

Numeracy Support

  • P Scales Maths:- A maths programme to support pupils working on the P Scales
  • Max's Marvellous Maths: An intervention programme for pupils working on P8 to Level 1 in number.
  • Numeracy Pocket Books: Discreet numeracy books developed to support pupils with dyslexia
  • Numeracy mats
  • Every Child Counts: Maths pack for small group work
  • Numeracy resources developed by experienced practitioners in the LSC. They are available to purchase by all schools, ready made or on disc.

Literacy Support

  • Phonics Resources
  • Resources to support dyslexia
  • Literacy Pocket Books
  • Spelling Support

Differentiated Resources

  • Topic Boxes: Supporting science, geography, history and PHSE for KS2/3
  • Story Boxes: Containing differentiated resources, artefacts and published books.
  • Modern Foreign Languages
  • SEAL: Resources
  • Dyslexia: Resources to support numeracy and literacy
  • Intervention: The 'SILC' programme
  • Help Boxes: Colourful, visual support resources for numeracy and literacy

All resources have been developed by experienced practitioners and trialled in school. They are available to all schools, and can be borrowed, purchased ready made, or on disc.

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