Avalon School Art Enterprise Group

The students’ art has been exhibited in various settings across the county. Pastor Dylan Thomas was the first to invite students to show their art at a local exhibition. He commented: “It’s a real privilege to have your students’ work in our space. We’ve had such great feedback, both about the work, and also from Linda Robey, our artist in residence. Good news – we sold the largest of the originals today for £100!”

Further exhibitions in a range of venues, including local libraries; County Hall, Taunton; Glastonbury, Wells and most recently Clarks HQ and distribution Centre have received equally enthusiastic responses from the community; resulting in increased sales. In one week there was an order of over £1,000 from staff at Clarks ranging from the sale of an original at £300 to framed prints at £10.

The head teacher, Alison Murkin comments, ‘The hugely appreciative responses from people who have purchased paintings are a delight to read and thoroughly affirm the talent of Avalon’s students,’ The feedback has included:

“The paintings give so much pleasure and every time I look at them I see something else, but always something incredibly beautiful.  They bring a peace and tranquillity too…..truly incredible”

This work is so inspiring and gorgeous.”

 “Thank you again and what a pleasure it is to have the opportunity to now own one of these prints. The back story is truly amazing and shows just what you can do with support, ambition, pride, and talent!”

Profits from sales of the prints are contributing towards the school’s hydrotherapy pool appeal for which the ‘Friends of Avalon PTA’ have already raised an extraordinary £868,883 of the £1.08 million needed.

Posted on June 18th 2018

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