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pdnet Champions

pdnet is looking to recruit up to 20 individuals who currently work within appropriate organisations to create a national network of pdnet Champions in order to extend access to pdnet training and resources to schools in their area.


In England there are currently over 35,000 learners whose primary identified SEND need is physical disability.

pdnet is a national membership network for those who support learners with a physical disability. Membership is free and there are currently just over 650 members. pdnet has recently become a partner organisation within the Whole School SEND Consortium and currently has a DfE contract to develop training and resources for the sector.

pdnet’s vision is for children and young people with physical disability to achieve their potential in line with other learners at every phase of education, from Early Years Foundation Stage to Post-16. We want children and young people to:

·      Be fully included in their school/learning community

·      Actively take part in high quality learning activities with their peers

·      Thrive and enjoy learning

·      Develop knowledge and skills so they can go on to lead fulfilled lives as adults

·      Be empowered, confident and able to function as independently as possible

The Opportunity

pdnet is looking to recruit a network of Champions who can serve as support partners to provide a channel for pdnet’s training and resources to reach schools and other settings for young people.

The pdnet Champions will be based within organisations that have strong communication links and the appropriate infrastructure to provide support to other schools. We see this role as a good match with Teaching Schools, providers of specialist services for physical disability and any other schools or settings who can demonstrate outstanding practice in supporting other schools.

The Champions will:

·         Receive training around the use of pdnet standards to support schools and educational settings to improve practice and ensure that children and young people with a physical disability are fully included in their school /learning community

·         support the development of effective and evidenced based practice which promotes better outcomes for learners with a physical disability

·         cascade the use of pdnet standards, training and resources to other schools and settings

·         support the work of pdnet nationally and link to a pdnet regional group

·         strengthen practice in schools and settings with learners with physical disability

·         become members of pdnet and contribute to pdnet regional groups and events

·      be supported by a pdnet mentor from the National Committee with ongoing learning, advice and guidance

In essence, pdnet Champions will become “super users” of pdnet standards and resources and will play a pro-active role in promoting them to schools in their defined geographical area, maybe as many as 1,500 schools across 8-10 LA areas and up to 50 Teaching School Alliances.

Champions will be able to bundle some of the elements into a tradable service offer to their local schools, so although this is an up-paid role, Champions will be able to generate an income stream from the support they provide to schools using pdnet resources. Champions will not be allowed to sell the training: the Level 1 training will always remain freely available and the Level 2 training fee (approx. £120) is paid to the pdnet organisation. But they could, for example, facilitate the session during which the L1 training is accessed.

There is a small bursary (<£1,000 each) available to train, mobilise and induct each Champion.

Within their support role to other schools, pdnet champions will be required to report back on how they have fulfilled their role and share issues that have arisen in implementing approaches in practice.

The length of office is 2 years. Champions will be accountable to the pdnet National Committee through the role of the National Chair.

Please submit your expression of interest to support@pdnet.org.uk by midnight on Thursday 31st January 2019.

To discuss this opportunity further, please contact Emma Sheasby on 0116 299 5944.

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Posted on January 23rd 2019

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