Somerset Primary Futures & Enterprise Event

Thursday 24th October 2019, 2 – 5pm

14:00 Introduction and welcome – including the Primary Futures project  

14:10 Presentation on latest research into the impact and benefits of employer engagement in primary schools. 

14:35 Current aspirations programme: An interactive session enabling teachers to explore, share and discuss what their current aspirations programme looks like.

15:05 Break. 

15:20 Meeting some local volunteers:  including why they got involved, what makes events easier for them, what information they need before. 

·         Vicki Cotter, Barrister

·         Laura Canning, Air Engineer Officer

·         Austin Fews, Architect 

15:40 Teacher Case study A teacher and ‘Primary Futures ambassador’ will share best practice learnings from how Primary Futures was developed and used in their school and answer questions. 

15:55 hear from local organisations about what education/careers support they offer to schools (5-8 mins each) 

·         Somerset EBP – Andrew Hanson/ Imelda Leetch

·         Careers Hub and Enterprise Advisor Network – Jo Skeel

·         EDF – Tom Thayer

·         Fleet Air Arm Museum – Elliott Bailey 

16:25 Resources and using the portal - support and resources to help with embedding Primary Futures in their school. 

16:45 Action planning: Interactive session helping schools to develop plans for events this year 

17:00 Close

Posted by Liz on September 25th 2019

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