Update from the Directors of Somerset Parent Carer Forum CIC

Exciting new chapter!

Update from the Directors of Somerset Parent Carer Forum CIC

Somerset Parent Carer Forum CIC has been going through a period of development to match the pace of growth we are experiencing. The forum management is undertaken by parent carers and as we know, circumstances change over time. Therefore, we have made a few changes.

Kerry Leydon has step down as a director to pursue her full-time career at one of our local specialist provisions. Tina Emery’s role as a regional representative and co-chair of the National Network of Parent Carer Forums has increased, and this has resulted in her stepping down as a director. Both Kerry and Tina will remain on the steering group and will continue to support the forum moving forward.

The directors and steering group have worked with independent specialists to review our structure and prepare for our continued growth. The following new structure was adopted by the steering group on Friday 22nd October 2021:

Company Directors

Ruth Hobbs – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Rachel Saunders- Director
Natalie Bobbett- Director

Steering group members

  • Tina Emery – Chair

  • Claire David – Vice Chair

  • Richard Hobbs – Steering group member

  • Kerry Leydon – Steering group member

  • Sally Simpson - Steering group member

  • Beverly Burling – Steering group member

  • Tanith Barrett – Steering group member

  • Vacancy - Steering group member

This new structure will enable us to continue to develop our offer for families and we will be looking to further extend our team over the upcoming months. If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved, please contact us at getinvolved@somersetparentcarerforum.org.uk or on 01458 259384.

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Posted by Julie on November 3rd 2021

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