Our Vision - By working together we aim to provide a range of services and resources that support pupils with Special Educational Needs in Somerset Schools.

Our aim is to offer:

  • Increased capacity for schools to meet the needs of all pupils with SEN

  • Local solutions: provision that responds to local area need, as part of a wider provision map

  • Practitioner led support (by people who are actively teaching on a day to day basis)

  • Increased confidence of teaching and non-teaching staff to deliver effective provision for all groups of learners

  • Targeted support to meet the professional development needs of all adults working with children

  • A co-ordinated approach working with and alongside other colleagues to complement and add value to support services

Our offer responds to local need and includes:

  • Modelling of teaching and learning
  • Observing pupils and giving feedback
  • Training/SEN Initial Teacher Training
  • Developing school to school support

  • Taking pupils on temporary placements (for example to avoid permanent exclusion)

  • Sharing resources and guidance in their use

  • Running local networks (SENCO groups)

  • Support for Leadership and Management

  • Support for parents for pupils with SEN

To access these services, schools are advised to make contact with their local special school or another if the service you need is available elsewhere.

The service availability: every effort will be made to accommodate requests, although it must be understood that there is finite capacity.

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