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Sky College

Sky College

Headteacher: David Simons

Address: Pickeridge Close, Taunton TA2 7HW

T: 01823 275569


Brief description of school:

Sky College is a specialist provision catering for boys aged 10 to 17, with Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties. Our philosophy is to provide an holistic and individualised approach designed and tailored to support students to fulfil their potential. Staff are expert in their field and consistently challenge both students and themselves in order to overcome barriers to success and provide students with the tools they require to thrive.

Nurture groups

Sky College recognises that before a child can learn effectively they must first have the following social and emotional skills that underpin effective learning.

There are five social and emotional aspects of learning:

  • Self-awareness
  • Managing feelings
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Social skills

Our nurture group aims to promote students positive experience of school life as it underpins effective learning, emotional health and well-being, positive relationships, appropriate behaviour and good attendance.

There are several programmes that we now offer in order to promote the five social and emotional aspects of learning. We are able to offer advice on setting up a Nurture Provision and in certain cases may be able to work in conjunction with main educational providers to offer full or part time provision to students from other schools.

Supporting Pupils with BESD

As a specialist provision we are able to offer advice and guidance on dealing with individual students to maintain their placements in the appropriate provision. As such we work closely with the four Area Partnership Schools (PRS) to provide mutual support and make best use of resources (including consideration of travel distances) to meet the social, mental, emotional and educational needs of students.

Alternative Provision

At Sky we both offer and access a wide and varied range of alternative curriculum packages. If you would like advice on packages for individual students we are able to support you in identifying the specific needs of students and arranging a bespoke package to cater for those needs.

Therapeutic intervention

We are also developing a number of therapeutic interventions to look to address behaviours based around attachment disorders such as play therapy; life story work; as well as speech therapy; drama therapy and general counselling.

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