The Deputy Director for Inclusion at Somerset County intoduced Ben Walden, an actor and international speaker and workshop leader in the realm of education. The focus was on what makes a really outstanding communicator across the school community, both in the classroom and in interactions with colleagues and parents and highlighting the 4 key elements of a balanced learning system. After recogising the commitment of the staff who make a real difference and enrich the lives of students and their families and that every person working with young people with SEN in Somerset is a leader and works in partnership with an extensive range of leaders to provide them with the best possible education and outcomes.

That’s each of you, whether you’re one of the incredible teaching assistants, creative teachers, committed administrative staff or meticulous grounds maintenance staff you’re playing a pivotal role as a leader for each of them.

Today’s Keynote is quoted as saying

 “Authentic leaders are ordinary people able to draw on extraordinary talents. They are prepared to bring all of themselves to work, to stand up for what is important, and to adapt appropriately to meet new situations.  These people are emotionally intelligent and self aware, knowing their own strengths and limitations. They develop others and sustain those around them, building a platform for long term success.  They inspire consistently, tell compelling stories and guide others through complex problems to collaborative decisions. In short, they are committed to leaving the world a better place.”

And I cannot think of a better way to sum up people attending this conference today, so without any further delay I hand you over to . Who I know is very engaging and inspirational.

Posted by Julie on April 8th 2019

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