Selworthy Schoool: Community Participation- Work Experience

A work experience review within the Selworthy School sixth form curriculum was held and through in-depth discussions with the staff and learners, interests and abilities were established. From these discussions, it became evident that we needed to establish more community links to broaden work experience opportunities. One of our learners was predominantly motivated by vehicles and their maintenance. Therefore, one of these links was established with the Toyota Garage in Taunton.

We believe that high quality, meaningful and purposeful work experience is an essential component of the sixth form curriculum. We also promote community cohesion. Our learner (LR) attends the Garage on a weekly basis in term-time. He is accompanied by a Teaching Assistant, who offers minimum support.

LR works with a mechanic, assisting in every opportunity for vehicle maintenance and other jobs within a working garage. He has demonstrated a range of skills during this extended work experience, and his self-esteem and confidence in his own ability and self-worth have soared.

LR stated that he likes the “hands on” work and “Matt the mechanic is great. Wendy [TA] doesn’t help any more. I can do it. I can change tyres and check pressures. I can change oil and help with MOTs”.

We spoke to Matthew Ulrico (Mechanic at Somerset County Cars Ltd) and he provided us with the following statement. “(LR) came to us as a shy, quiet, withdrawn young man. Over the last two years...he has grown in confidence and has learnt a great deal about working in the automotive environment. He was designated a role amongst a team of 6 technicians in a busy workshop. With support and encouragement he has learnt many ‘tricks of the trade’ and has grown into a confident and reliable member of the workshop team. His knowledge and enthusiasm of working on cars has helped him learn more and more about the job role. He has built up a very good working relationship with all of his colleagues. It has been a pleasure to have taught and worked alongside LR and see the progress he has made over the last two years”

The TA who accompanies LR said, “It has been wonderful to watch (LR) gain in confidence and ability with the incredible support, patience and understanding he has been given within a fully inclusive environment”.

Additional info:

We strongly believe that the vast majority of our learners are capable of completing successful work experience with the right guidance and support. We are hoping that the more opportunities we can create within the community, the profile of our school and our learners will be raised and the work experience offer is enriched. We are also looking at working in collaboration with Somerset County Council to develop supported internship opportunities in the local area for the majority of learners that are capable of meaningful employment and promote inclusion within our society.

This has also resulted in a potential additional source of funding through the ‘Toyota Fund for a Better Tomorrow’.

Posted by on April 10th 2018

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