Secondment Opportunity

 Assistant Maths Hub Lead for Somerset

The Boolean Maths Hub wants to extend and strengthen its work supporting schools in Somerset (specifically Mendip, Sedgemoor and South Somerset). We are therefore now seeking to recruit an Assistant Maths Hub Lead (AMHL) for Somerset to work with our established leadership and management team during 2020.

The role

The Assistant Maths Hub Lead will work as part of the Maths Hub Leadership and Management Team, for the equivalent of 42 days (approximately 1 day per week plus 10 days) between the beginning of term 3 (February 2020) and the end of term 2 (December 2020). The AMHL will have a particular focus on Somerset (specifically Mendip, Sedgemoor and South Somerset).

The work would involve working closely with schools in the area including:

·       reviewing school participation in Maths Hub activity and examining any barriers to participation

·       understanding the needs and priorities of schools in the area, including establishing effective links and regular contact with local authority officials, in order to help inform Maths Hub planning

·       acting as the public face of the Maths Hub, communicating and promoting the Maths Hub’s vision and ambition for maths teaching and maths teachers and the impact of its work

·       supporting recruitment of desired number and type of schools to the Maths Hub activity, including engaging directly with school leadership in hard to reach schools

·       clarifying the local leaders of maths education (LLME) position in the area, promoting LLME development opportunities in a targeted way, identifying potential LLME and ensuring targeted investment in their development

·       identifying leading schools and colleges that demonstrate effective practice and seeking to develop partnership

The AMHL’s school or college will receive a grant of £14700 (plus agreed travel costs) from the Maths Hub.

Criteria for applicants

The criteria for applicants are that they should:

·       be a successful and experienced leader with good understanding of the challenges faces by both school and subject leaders;

·       be experienced in leading work beyond their own school/college including being skilled at facilitating partnerships and leading collaborative activity

·       have strong connections to the area where the leadership is required

·       have a strong awareness of the challenges of developing mathematics teaching and be supportive of the Maths Hub’s work, including teaching for mastery.

The application process

Applicants should complete the form overleaf and e-mail to the Maths Hub by midday on February 6th. The Maths Hub will then contact applicants, on February 7th, to confirm the next stage in the selection process. Interviews will take place in the week beginning February 10th. If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact the Maths Hub Lead, Lisa Pollard, via email or telephone 07525893880.

Assistant Maths Hub Lead application form

Please complete the application form below and e-mail to Boolean Maths Hub by midday on February 6th.

School details

Name of school


School URN


Head Teacher


Local Authority

AMHL applicant details




Current main role within school

Applicant criteria (please outline how you meet the criteria for the role – up to 200 words)

Interest in role (please explain why you are interested in the role – up to 100 words)

Confirmation of school commitment (electronic signatures)

We understand the nature of the role and are committed to provide the time required, if selected.

Head Teacher

Signature of Head Teacher

AMHL applicant

Signature of applicant

(Note: When the form is emailed, please copy in all signatories as confirmation of their electronic signature)

Posted by Julie on January 14th 2020

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