Special Schools' Voice

Special Schools' Voice

SSV (Special Schools’ Voice) brings together existing associations/groupings of Special schools, and seeks to articulate the views of schools, of their staff and of the children who populate them.  It intends to inform and support Government organisations by giving them a special school perspective.  Historically those working and leading Special schools have reported their frustration at being an ‘afterthought’ in terms of educational policy.   In essence SSV strives to connect schools with policy makers.

Government agencies have been keen to engage. SSV need schools to express their views so that ‘grass root’ issues are addressed.  SSV wants to adopt a positive solution focused approach telling Government agencies about the ways schools have found ways to address the issues they have faced.

The SSV website is an important way for you to have your say.  The site structures  a numbers of Blogs.  Issues will be extracted, each time SSV meets with the ministers, the DfE, OFSTED, or the NCTL, so that the issues that are peculiar to special schools can be highlighted.

These Special School related conversations include:

  • 16-25
  • Life without levels
  • Pupil Premium
  • Funding

Most recently SSV has been consulted by the DfE on the application of the new notion of ‘Coasting schools’ to Special schools.  http://www.specialschoolsvoice.com/coasting-schools/

Please follow the links and engage with the conversations.

Posted by Sen.se on June 1st 2016

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